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Leadership Development Testimonials from Leadership


Christine Courteney –  VP HR, Business Partner, BNY/Mellon
“Marcy was hired to do what I believed at the time to be a very difficult executive coaching assignment. In the initial engagement phase Marcy presented herself very well, she was able to gain the appropriate insight and as a result made the necessary recommendations and set a course for action that proved in the end to make the process a complete success. Since the completion of the assignment, the noticeable positive impact she had is easily recognized. I would highly recommend Marcy to anyone seeking professional/executive coaching expertise.  She will always be highly respected and regarded for the positive impact she had within my organization.”


 Laurie Hogan –  Sr. HR Business Partner, Managing Director, BNY/Mellon
“Marcy Fawcett is a powerful coach who enables others to reflect internally and understand how their management style affects their team, their leadership success, and ultimately their career. She develops sound strategies on ways to maximize one’s potential as a manager and leader. Her honest, and direct approach ensures the overall coaching experience is not only valuable, but sustainable, which is critical. She is a straightforward professional, who is articulate and diplomatic with her diagnosis and assessment. Simply put, a knowledgeable expert and asset, and one I am grateful to have as part of my consulting network to assist my business.”


President/CEO –  Div of $BB+ Public Information Technology & Services Firm
“I thought you did a great job, but our firm has a policy that prevents me from providing a reference. Apologies. I will absolutely keep you in mind if I need a coach for my organization again though!”


 SVP of HR –   Div of $BB+ Public Information Technology & Services Firm
“We’re thrilled with the results we’ve see since your work with him. Frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen results like this from a coaching assignment!”


Terry Bailey – President &  CEO, Thermata Inc.
“Marcy provided excellent coaching to a valued team member at a former firm, resulting in a noticeable increase in assertiveness, self confidence and independent action. The skills improved will continue to pay dividends for the individual and the company”


Gary Pollard – Partner, TobinConnex
“Marcy has been an invaluable resource to me at various companies where I have had responsibility for enhancing organization effectiveness. She has the unique ability to help mid to senior level employees, as well as senior (Ph.D.) scientists, recognize, build, and change awareness, attitudes, confidence and perspective that has delivered significant return on investment! The feedback I have received from both leadership and individuals that utilized Marcy as a coach have been very positive. Marcy has a real strength at developing an honest and trusting relationship/partnership with the employees she works with as well as the employer/boss. I routinely get phone calls from people that utilized Marcy’s services in the past thanking me for putting them in touch. She is quite diligent at developing a realistic project & development plan, and communicating regularly on the status of the project with everyone involved. Personally I have benefited from utilizing Marcy’s service, and I can honestly say she’s delivered positive results from every assignment!”


Udi Meirav – President & CEO,  EnVerid Systems;
“I hired Marcy to help a handful of high potential employees improve their leadership skills. With regular one-on-one coaching sessions, Marcy worked with the selected individuals and together they were able to make substantial progress. Their work continues at the time of this writing. Marcy is very professional and personable, and has both the skill and experience required for this challenging task.”


Arvind Baliga – Vice President, Engineering, Luminus Devices;
“Marcy provided development coaching to two employees at our company. Despite my initial skepticism about the coaching program, I was pleasantly surprised at the results. Both of the employees have demonstrated significant personal and professional growth and are doing well in key positions. Marcy’s assessment, insights and coaching were clear contributors to the improvement.”


Robert Kaizerman – VP & GM,  Schott Corp;
“Marcy provided professional coaching for a number of individuals at a past company with outstanding results. She listened to our interests, developed a detailed individual development plan for each, and then met and worked regularly with each individual for a designated period of time. The improvement in these individuals performance was outstanding. I highly recommend Marcy and will definitely use her services in the future.”


Alexei Erchak – Chief of Corp Development, Luminus Devices;
“Marcy delivered as promised on coaching several employees at Luminus.  I admit I was initially skeptical of the progress that could be made over a short period of time, but have been truly impressed with the immediate results.  I would recommend Marcy’s services to anyone considering coaching for their employees.”


Leadership Development Testimonials from Clients


SVP, Managing Director Division of Xerox Corp.
“I was tasked with the mission of transforming a line of business into a state-of-the-art operation.  The company was investing nearly $20 million on this initiative.  Unfortunately, not everyone embraced our mission; they resisted change and lacked a sense of urgency. My employer sponsored Marcy as an Executive Coach to help me cultivate my leadership and broaden my management skills.   Within a very short period of time, Marcy established credibility and trust, and began to challenge my thinking, to help me see situations and people from new and different perspectives that I’d not seen before.   She encouraged me to take a more strategic outlook of the future and to assess the affects/risks/benefits of each approach.  This whole new way of thinking (identifying assumptions before reacting and communicating more effectively) helped me forge much stronger relationships across the team and organization.  Early on, I started to see positive results by acting upon Marcy’s recommendations.    My staff started to embrace the changes that we wanted to implement which greatly increased my motivation and self-confidence around the significance and value of our mission!  Step by step, Marcy coached me and helped me implement a process to effectively succeed at team building and portray the image that I wanted as leader of this line of business.  Collaborating with Marcy was a phenomenal experience that produced not only great results for my career, but was life altering!”


Program Manager, Protein Simple
“I worked with Marcy to develop my leadership skills. Marcy is experienced and systematic in bringing awareness of my blind spots. She is persistent and effective in coaching me to implement and execute changes in my behaviors to improve my interpersonal skills. Within a few months working with Marcy, I have obtained positive feedback on the effect of coaching work from my co-workers. As I continue to work with Marcy to discover my strengths, she is able to tie in our previous work and understanding to quickly help me identifying the type of career path that I would flourish and enjoy. Marcy has demonstrated genuine interest, expertise, trust, and integrity in coaching. It has been a pleasure and productive experience for me to work with Marcy.”


Managing Director,  Relationship Executive,  BNY/Mellon
“Recently, I was selected to the Chairman’s Circle which represents the top 1% producers in a corporation with 58,000 employees.  I attribute my success to Marcy as a coach.  For over fifteen years, Marcy has served as my executive coach and mentor.  She has been instrumental throughout my career helping me negotiate job offers and manage career transitions (promotions, new management, acquisitions, etc.)

Like most executives, I’ve always operated under the assumption that I was well-equipped to manage my career, handle new challenges and deal with my colleagues.  Marcy advised me to take Emotional Intelligence View 360 to gain greater awareness of my relationship management skills.  Seventeen executives participated in this assessment including clients, peers, direct reports and managers.  Marcy helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, how to apply Emotional Intelligence to interfacing with clients and co-workers, and manage stress.  Her commitment, objectivity and insight in the career management and development coaching are exceptional.  I wholeheartedly endorse Marcy as an executive coach and have referred many colleagues to her for coaching.objectivity and amazing insight into both the career management and development.”


Director, (Major) Product Line Management, Multi $B+ Global Software Company
“I hired Marcy for On-Boarding Coaching to ensure my success in a new multinational firm with boss, and team spread globally.  We began with some assessment that was helpful to understand my communication style and interaction with people, and then met at my request by phone or in person over a period of months. She became a sounding board, and advisor in many ways during those meetings. More importantly though, Marcy helped me understand and get comfortable with who I am, how I’m ‘hard-wired’, and gave me tools and techniques to ensure that I was building solid relationships in all directions!   The results were truly invaluable!”


Sr. Manager, Applied Materials/Varian Semiconductor.
“I was given the opportunity by my former firm to work at development of my mgmt/leadership skills working with Marcy as a Coach.  She’s a great listener, very supportive, bright and wonderful to work with.  Marcy has been able to help me identify my work and communication style and has helped me realize how it impacts my work and interaction with others. She has helped me identify how I can modify my style to work more effectively with others, as well as identify other ways of doing things, especially during the major changes taking place in my company. I highly recommend Marcy to anyone who is interested in personal and professional development and growth!”


Director, Solar Energy Technologies Office, US Dept of Energy
“Marcy is an incredibly insightful coach who was instrumental in my development as a manager and leader of senior scientists and technical professionals. Through our discussions of new situations and challenges, she led me to discover new ways to look at the world and challenged me to try new strategies when interacting with my team, my peers, and senior management. This led to remarkable improvements in the performance of my team and our impact on the organization.”


Director of Manufacturing/Plant Manager, Aspen Aerogels
“I began working with Marcy when I transitioned into a role with much higher management responsibilities, but with very little insight into how I needed to transform myself to remain successful. With her help, I was able to identify my development needs and create an improvement plan, as well as identify my strengths and leverage them. While Marcy is very positive and supportive, she is also honest and detailed, and can always be counted on to discover and focus in on even the most subtle issue that could threaten success. Marcy also introduced me to some new tools and techniques, which helped me tremendously to turn around a failing technology startup. I can honestly say that I could not have been as successful without Marcy’s coaching, which she did in a focused, enthusiastic, and caring manner, and therefore would recommend Marcy to any organization or professional interested in performing at their very best.”


Program Manager, Luminus Devices, Inc.
“I had the opportunity to work with Marcy in order to improve my management abilities. She very quickly helped me identify core areas to focus on and we worked together to make noticeable improvements at a rapid pace. Her methods focused on both management techniques and tools to improve my core competencies. The improvements made were noticed by my supervisors, colleagues, customers and my wife. I have benefited greatly from having worked with Marcy and would strongly recommend her services in the future!”

Executive Career Management Testimonials

Mark T. – COO, Global Media Firm

I have found the Career Assessment sessions with you to be stimulating, interesting, thought-provoking, and challenging. They have provided me with thought ‘tools’ and ideas that have allowed me to reflect on my life choices for the future. Finally, “a paradigm shift” is an overused expression in business these days.  However, the dictionary description of “a time when the usual and accepted way of doing or thinking about something changes completely” explains accurately the way my thinking has changed as a result of the work we have done together. Thank you!”

Toni Lee Rudnicki – Chief Marketing Office at iDirect Technologies 

“At different points throughout ones career, everyone must take time to take a step back and really analyze where they are in their life and what role the career plays in the total. We are all a summation of our experiences, but it is sometimes hard to take the step back and be honest with oneself. Marcy’s Career Assessment work allowed me to take that step back and really evaluate my career now and where that fit into my current “balanced” life. The instruments she used were valuable to create the data, but it is Marcy’s ability to ask the questions that really make you analyze what is right for you – what gives you energy, what takes it away, what are the characteristics of the work environment that you need. She enabled me to take the data that we created and turn it into actionable information for me moving my career forward.”

Jim Poe – Partner,  Radius Partners – Executive Search +  Talent Advisory

“Marcy is a highly skilled and talented individual, and an expert coach, confidant, sounding board, and trusted advisor. For several years now Marcy is someone I recommend to both client companies and key executives with whom I have worked in my executive search practice when they ask me for a referral to a coach and/or career management consultant. Never once have I subsequently learned of anything but highly satisfied outcomes and successful results, and I know that many of these referrals continue to work with Marcy today.  More recently, when I faced a major career decision of my own, Marcy was invaluable.  She first helped me get really clear on what my personal and professional objectives are within the appropriate time frame, and we then walked through a substantial analysis of each of several alternatives that I was considering. Ultimately, I chose to start a new firm, and through this process I have gained huge confidence that this is the right course only after a thorough vetting of options, guided by Marcy. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”


Kori Huston – VP Client Relations – SAGIN LLC, and CharKor Enterprises LLC
In an effort to combine my professional experience with my desire to find more meaningful work, I reached out to Marcy for guidance.  After working alongside Marcy and following her direction, I am on my way to the ideal work/life balance and career that many professionals seek. If you are looking for results and want to experience coaching at its finest, do yourself a sincere favor and contact Marcy for assistance. Marcy realizes and acknowledges that change is difficult. However, she also provides the solutions and wisdom to help her clients “turn the corner.” I highly recommend Marcy for those looking to improve their professional lives and careers.”


Ed Samaha – VP ASF Operations – GT Advanced Technologies
I have worked with Marcy Fawcett through three executive transition phases in my career since 2002. Each time was a different situation; one my company was acquired, the second was doing a start-up company and the third was working through a decision on whether to move to Asia with my company or do a new career change. Each time, Marcy was invaluable in helping me clarify my interests, personal and family needs. It is a process you cannot do in your head, but need to get crystal clear on what you want from the next steps in your career and your life, map out the steps and execute on them. I think I am pretty good at doing the career planning and networking activities. What I have found, I believe similar to professional athletes, you need a coach who is giving you that feedback and helping you with the drills to get the most out of your skill sets and experiences. I have found in my own situation and from people who I have referred to Marcy, she has helped us get the most out of ourselves in what is a competitive environment and often stressful period to make the career planning exercise successful. We all work hard in our careers. Marcy helps you find the situations you enjoy and can flourish in. Be good Ed Samaha”


Peter Shepard – Chief Business Officer, Novomer Inc.
“I have hired Marcy a number of times over the past five years and found her to be an invaluable resource as an executive career coach. She brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm to each assignment and takes a personal interest in each of her client’s success. On the job, she can help you navigate difficult organizational or management issues, and in career transition, she can help you develop a strategy, offer encouragement, and push you to achieve your goals. I have and do recommend Marcy without reservation to anyone who is interested in achieving their personal best.”


Roland Silverio – HR Lead, EMS Div, Jabil Corp.
The quality of a person can be measured by the quality of their impact. Marcy has worked with and coached many of my former colleagues and she has had tremendous impact on all of them. She has helped people through difficult career transitions and helped them to truly learn from their experiences. She has helped colleagues in their efforts to be more effective leaders and managers of people. Her professionalism is only surpassed by her passion for seeing her clients succeed.”


 Bob Palardy CPA, Sr. Director, Int’l Accounting, Hologic Corp.
“As a former client, I found Marcy to be a much needed source of motivation and consistency during a very challenging time. As a career coach for senior executives, she helps you to develop a clear focus and strategy and bring a structured process to the job search process. Marcy helped to cut through years of experience with multiple employers to identify the key elements that made me successful in the past and develop a successful marketing strategy for today marketplace.”


Dave Opton – Founder/CEO – ExecuNet
“I have known Marcy for many years and always found her to be not only responsive and totally professional but have always been impressed with her positive approach to everything. She brings an energy level that is infectious.”


Bruce S. Forman – North American Sales Manager – QED Technologies
“Marcy brings to the coaching arena a unique process and discipline that leads you down a strategic path to better understand what gives you energy in the workplace. This alone is a tremendous recipe for success and happiness. Every step of the way Marcy helped me clearly focus on what I liked to do and where I could best apply my skills. Marcy challenges you to be honest with yourself to develop a proactive framework of “where you want to work” and not a reactive response to a career opening. Her guidance was invaluable to me in successfully blending a professional and academic career.”


Bhaskar Banerjee, Head of Enterprise Architecture – iRobot
“Marcy is one of those rare executive coaches with incredible talent and insights on career management and progression, wide ranging contacts and ability to connect, practical resources and tools for effective assessments and career planning, coupled with enthusiasm and strong commitment to client success.”


Jim Nash, MBB, PMP, HMLA,   Technical Director – Foliage
“I engaged Marcy as a Career Coach, and have been amazed at the level of insight and assistance she has provided. Marcy knows more about organizations, the people that they are made of, and the networks that connect them, than any other person I have met, or know of. If you work with Marcy, you can expect her expert guidance in navigating these networks – and can expect to learn a great deal about yourself in the bargain. If you decide to spend any time or money working on your career, I strongly suggest that you do it with Marcy. I am very sure that you will find her insight and advice invaluable, as I have.”


Jack Mangan – Associate – Colliers International
As a Business Development professional, I felt I was more that capable of managing my career at a time of transition. However, through the advice of close friends, I engaged Marcy’s services in this endeavor. I never looked back! Marcy brought a clear, concise strategy to the job seeking process that enabled me to focus myself and hone in on what fit my skills and career goals. In addition, she was a trusted coach and mentor who worked with me to focus not only my search, but delivery, expectations and time management. I would highly recommend Marcy as a both a career coach and mentor.”


Eric Bartholomae, EVP & CFO Tax Accounting BU of WoltersKluwer
“Marcy is the perfect all-round professional to help an executive with a search. She approaches any given search in a disciplined way, applying an efficient and proven process. Throughout, she ensures that the client gets real traction, and along the way she shares objective and candid feedback on your progress. And all the while she is a pleasure to work with.

In addition to providing coaching through the process, perhaps her greatest strength is in refining the details in every element of the transition. As a direct result of the breadth of her experience, Marcy’s perspective is invaluable. Having analyzed all facets of the job transition process in coaching executives over 15 years, Marcy is the perfect coach when it comes to both the strategy and tactics of finding and landing the next opportunity.”


Tom Simeone, former VP Strategic Sourcing, Fidelity Investments.
“Marcy makes you take a hard look at yourself, what you have to offer, what you have achieved, what you want, and then helps you to build a strategy to achieve it. Marcy doesn’t let you sit still, she challenges you to keep you moving forward and provides insight along the way”


MICHAEL TAVARES – former multi div Controller – Central Garden & Pet
“You don’t know what you don’t know”, almost always true, but when it came to a necessary change in my career, unfortunately this was more true than I would have liked, or even admitted. Fortunately I had the benefit of a colleague with experience who knew just what I needed. As a result I enjoyed the benefits of the wealth of knowledge and experience Marcy brings to the table. Job and/or career changes are not just about companies, geographics, and compensation. It’s also personal; it’s about how it affects you and your family. Marcy gets that, and so much more. I am pleased to have the opportunity to not only recommend Marcy for her professional skills, but equally pleased to recommend her for her personal skills.”


Richard F. Borrelli – Advisor – Northeastern University – Health Services
“It’s impossible to meet all today’s career challenges alone, I can think of no better person to have on your professional team than Marcy. She has been a tremendous asset, professional coach, mentor and career counselor. Her executive insights, experience and training have provided thoughtful guidance and welcome feedback during times of my significant career challenges. Marcy is bright, insightful, engaging and easy to work with. It’s been a pleasure to have her as a career coach, mentor and professional friend. I highly recommend her work.”


Eva Regan, Manager, People Development, American Dental Partners, Inc.
“As I was driving into work this morning, there was a beautiful sunrise and I was thinking about a sunrise that I paid particular attention to a little over five years ago.  It was around the time when I was leaving my former company – the day I was being given a farewell party.  What I remember about the day is that you called me and let me know that you were thinking about me and I knew then that I would be ok to go into the gathering and to move on.  Your kindness that day and days after that will always mean so much to me and a thank you is not sufficient.

What was waiting for me was the opportunity to do work that I love and to understand that.  What a gift!  Thank you for helping me on the path of finding that gift.  My best to you!”


Jos Scheffelaar, Principal/Founder, Scheffelaar Consulting, LLC, International Business Consulting
“I first worked with Marcy Fawcett when needing a career change after the infamous bursting of the Internet bubble. She shared her unique understanding of the underlying processes and psychology involved in professional networking. Marcy doesn’t just teach the basics of networking, but helps you understand how/why the techniques she recommends will be more effective. We’ve stayed in contact through the years, and she continues helping me with valuable”


 Rob Janoch – General Manager – Brightspot Automation
“Marcy was instrumental in starting my consulting business. She provided the encouragement, new skills, and self-assessment processes that were critical in making transition from technical employee to business owner”


Kathleen L. McGirr – former SVP of HR, Fidelity Investments (retired)
“A few years back, while I was running Staffing for the largest financial services business in Boston, we were regrettably faced with some downsizing activity. Managing outplacement services fell to some of my in-house team (supplemented by external resources brought in to help).  In the course of that activity, I ran across Marcy Fawcett, whom I had also known slightly in a prior professional venue. After the executive outplacement “center” was closed, we surveyed our former employees to see how the services had helped them.  Interested in this feedback, I read every individual commentary – a 3” binder full of them. What struck me at the time was the number of times Marcy Fawcett was individually called out by name. The comments read something like these – “she always listened; she was always there for me; she was creative in helping me think through what my options might be; she stayed with me to the very end; she kept me positive when I started to get down and did it in a way that was genuine and productive, she was the consummate professional throughout – no one cared about me more than she did!”  Not verbatim comments to be sure, but I can assure you that was the gist of the remarks and it was indeed notable that she was called out so frequently. I know enough about Marcy to know that she is all of the things that were written and more!”


 Kristen Dixon, formerly VP Fidelity Investments, now AVP with Fortune 100 Financial Services Company
“Marcy brings a wealth of knowledge about the changing environment for job searches. She keeps current with changes in hiring strategies and kept me on track to meet my personal goals.  She taught me the importance of developing a job search plan and sticking to it. She pushed me to think outside of my comfort zone and evaluate where I wanted to take my career. She listened to me and gave constructive criticism to help guide me though the job search process.

The importance of networking to the job search process was impressed upon me and that is what ultimately helped me land my current position. Once the offer was made, Marcy coached me throughout the hiring process and shared insightful and helpful perspectives. Marcy’s support and guidance allowed me to have a relatively pain-free job search and negotiations. Thanks again, Marcy, for your insightful and encouraging guidance.”


Bruce Glabe, Chief Financial Officer – Appalachian Mountain Club
“I’ve known Marcy Fawcett as an executive search and workplace expert for over ten years. She is a rare breed of professional who is able to combine a depth of experience and associations with a creative and pragmatic approach to problem solving. She seems to tailor her approach to each engagement, combining both tried and true methods with creative new approaches, innovative research and intelligence, and an ‘innate ability to size up the people dynamics’ that always factor in.

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Marcy on a key executive recruiting effort after my own transition from high tech to the non-profit world. She quickly developed an understanding of a highly specialized need that was well outside her typical practice area. She was able to rapidly provide us with insights and candidates that resulted in an exceptionally successful hire. Her services outshined the help we received from several other presumably more “expert” sources more familiar with the industry. Working with her on this project really underscored for me that when Marcy commits to an assignment, it gets done well!”


William Dwyer – CFO of American Resource Staffing Network
“My reference (whether written or verbal) would include Marcy’s abilities to motivate, lead, suggest, network, criticize, cajole and most importantly provide hope. I recall our afternoon gatherings and joke about next in the “pit” – it was always with a sense of learning, achievement and improvement – she was never hesitant to challenge!! I have only fond memories of those times in spite of riding the roller coaster. Marcy was able to depict, in advance, the emotional experience/exercise I would encounter as an executive looking for his next career opportunity. Marcy saw accepted and challenged by not only the those with egos and confidence, but also those with doubt and hesitation.”


Bob Katz,  President – Financial Analysis and Control Technology Services (FACTS)
“Since working with Marcy in 2003, I have found her executive coaching practice to be highly motivational and rewarding, owing to extensive subject knowledge and networking contacts, leading to successful business introductions and strong ROI to all of her clients.”


Chris Smith, Senior Director – Gartner Group
“After a successful executive marketing career in the technology industry I was faced with the need to assess my capabilities and transition to a new position in a very challenging job market. At first, I thought I was well prepared and had the necessary skills to secure a new position on my own, but fortunately I had the opportunity to work with Marcy. Marcy was exceptional and invaluable, pushing me to a much more strategic level of preparation and thinking throughout the process. I truly enjoyed working with Marcy. As she rapidly understood my strengths, weaknesses and interests, she became a trusted level of support and guidance. As a coach she was able to balance encouragement, while providing critical, insightful comments and challenges that pushed my thinking and approach to the next level. She was invaluable in helping me focus and execute on my career goals, from developing a tight focused resume, to negotiating and accepting the offer. She also introduced me to some great people in the process. Marcy, thank-you so much!”


Tim McMurrich – Former Vice President, Sun Life Financial
“Being “between jobs” is not fun. Marcy helps to turn this state of affairs from a situation into a process, on both an emotional and a tactical level. She understands people’s feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty so – with kindness but firmness – she moves each person past those feelings to help them identify the (process) steps they must take to create new opportunities for themselves. Marcy can be tough. She probes, and challenges you with great questions. She asks “Why?”, “How?”, and “What’s stopping you?” She makes you get specific about things that you might prefer to leave vague, but that will always be obstacles to your advancement if you let them remain undefined, and don’t confront them. But tough as she can be, Marcy is never too tough. Her ever present smile and warmth convey her genuine desire to help people and the great satisfaction she derives from each person’s progress and success!”


 Mark Stranberg – Major Account Manager – SunGuard
“Marcy Fawcett truly understands all facets of career coaching. She provided a unique perspective and invaluable insight throughout all stages of my career change and job search, from my own search business for many years to successful reemployment. Marcy’s coaching helped me re-assess my strengths and develop a powerful strategy for my search.  Her guidance through each step from developing a strategic focus, to writing a powerful resume, and coaching through each step was spot on.   Her ability to quickly bring me back to my focus when that ‘vortex of offers’ makes it confusing kept me firmly on my chosen path. Her patience, professionalism and sense of humor really distinguish her in the coaching field! I knew I was working with an exceptional coach and trusted confidant, throughout my search.”


Richard Noonan, VP Fidelity Investments
“I met Marcy a few years back during my first job search after 15 years with the same company and let me say she left quite a positive impact on me, both professionally and personally. Marcy was instrumental in helping me regain my confidence and energy for the process. She is an extremely motivated and upbeat person and one who ensures you succeed!  During the ups and downs of the process, when I was about to give up, Marcy was there to “pick me up”. She always knew when to challenge or support throughout the process. She coached me through the process of drilling down through 15 years of experience to identify my core skills and accomplishments and to articulate them in a powerful but succinct way. She had a way of challenging my thinking to take it to the next more valuable level. Her techniques helped me to be where I am today. I learned a lot from Marcy and I have used her approach and style in helping others during their tough times. If I had to sum it up in a few words what I saw and still see in Marcy it would be trust and respect.”


Eric Bartholomae, formerly – CFO at Fidelity Investments
“Marcy is the perfect all-round professional to help an executive with a search. She approaches any given search in a disciplined way, applying an efficient and proven process. Throughout, she ensures that the client gets real traction, and along the way she shares objective and candid feedback on your progress. And all the while she is a pleasure to work with.

In addition to providing coaching through the process, perhaps her greatest strength is in refining the details in every element of the transition. As a direct result of the breadth of her experience, Marcy’s perspective is invaluable. Having analyzed all facets of the job transition process in coaching executives over 15 years, Marcy is the perfect coach when it comes to both the strategy and tactics of finding and landing the next opportunity.”


Stephanie Danielson, Director, Marketing Strategy, Fidelity(Formerly) Environmental Scientist- Nover-Armstrong Associates, Inc.(Currently)
“For me, Marcy’s key strengths were her comprehensive understanding of the search process and the importance of having a plan of action, staying with the plan, but allowing enough leeway to stay sane, but not stray. She is very caring and as such, very willing to share her knowledge and experience to see that everyone she works with is on track to succeed at their goal. It’s clear that the high standard she sets for the people she works with, is the same standard to which she holds herself.”


Ranjan Bhattacharya – Director of Engineering – Altisource Labs
“I worked with Marcy when I felt I needed to take a fresh look at the trajectory my career. Her coaching pushed me to think strategically, and evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. She guided me through a detailed self-assessment process to get clarity, took me step-by-step through the process of job search, build a job search plan, and then execute it. She also helped me develop a networking strategy and introduced me to a number of great people, whose advice has been invaluable. Her detailed knowledge of the career management process, the coaching techniques that she has developed, and her balance of critical and encouraging comments, made my experience with Marcy quite rewarding.”


Andy McCawley – President/CEO – New England Center for Homeless Veterans
former Commanding Officer USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN CVN72 (One of only 10 Nuclear Aircraft Carriers in the World)

“My own career change might exemplify a complex and sharp professional transition. Marcia Fawcett played a key and invaluable role in coaching me towards success in my career change, and both personal and professional growth. She is observant and keenly aware of both the details and the larger context of her client’s situations. Her questions to me were always incisive and thought provoking. They did not always or even generally make me comfortable, but searching to answer them was a valuable learning exercise. Marcy helped me grow, learn and expand my thinking, and understanding. She is a visionary and has my deepest respect and admiration. I would enthusiastically recommend her services to any leader or executive in transition, or an executive seeking greater personal and professional growth.”