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Leadership Development

Through fostering self-awareness, the executive client benefits tremendously. In seeing and understanding how an executive is perceived by colleagues and co-workers, our executives positively impact their own success and the success of those members on their team.

  • Seeing from new perspectives
  • Changes in attitudes
  • Understanding one’s own behavior and its impact on others
  • Personal behavior impacts leadership success

In bringing together self-awareness, self-management skills, social awareness and relationship management, the Fawcett Group provides new insights that help the executive successfully manage his or her leadership style and in turn, bring out the excellence in the teams that they lead.

Retirement Life Design Programs

As a Certified Retirement Options Consultant/Coach, Marcy uses the foundation of her 20+ years of career management coaching and training in assessment to help corporate or individual clients design a portfolio of life/work options that support all the energy centers for Healthy Active Living in this Next Phase of Life.

  • Retirement Success Profile Assessment to identify any Gaps in Retirement planning and preparation
  • Life Options Profile Assessment to discover options for engaging and fulfilling leisure, work or volunteer without the 24/7
  • Portfolio Design Program to create Energy Assessment, Portfolio Design, and Implementation.  Three phases for a fulfilling next stage of living!

Whether you are looking to simply identify any gaps in your planning and preparation, or would like help in thinking outside the box to design your Best Possible Next Phase of Living, Marcy has programs that will fit your budget and interests.  You need a plan!  Let me help you?


Executive Career Management

Trying to balance personal and professional goals is a delicate and challenging journey. Trying to determine if you are on the right path can be a further challenge. But, through value assessment, looking at consistent themes and discovering what values drive the individual, finding fulfilling and satisfying work is a genuine possibility.

  • Assessment of what brings and takes away energy
  • Identify what strengths are most compelling
  • Find themes and patterns for passion for making a difference in the world
  • Values Clarification & Priorities for Living a Healthy Fulfilling Life

Unparalleled in its approach, the Fawcett Group will help the individual successfully manage strategy planning or career change, resulting in new levels of effectiveness, career satisfaction and career growth. While a change in career may be highly uncertain, with the assistance of Marcy Fawcett, individuals can quickly find themselves on a new path of optimal fulfillment and personal power.


All successful outcomes start with a strong and solid foundation. By leveraging the assessment process, Marcy leads her clientele to a greater and deeper understanding of their strengths, passions and effective skill sets.

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator
  • Emotional & Social Intelligence (ECI/ESCI™)
  • ExPi 360 Feedback for Executive Presence
  • TLC – The Leadership Circle
  • C-IQ – Communication Intelligence
  • Building awareness to how others perceive them

Assessment processes are powerful indicators that help the executive or individual identify and highlight the drivers that bring them energy and lead them to fulfilling and meaningful work. By creating awareness and insight to an individual’s strengths and opportunities for development, Marcy Fawcett works from a foundational assessment process that ultimately guides clients to increased motivation, commitment and self-confidence.